Our line of products includes take-away packs, trays for fresh fruits, fish and other sea foods. They are produced with the state of the art technology. We aim at delivering high quality products for the international market.

Food Containers

Whether you have a restaurant and need take away containers or like to have containers on-hand in your office or home, choose from our selection of containers in different sizes and shapes. Whatever your requirement, our food storage containers will keep your food fresh.

In addition to standard foam containers, we have a variety of deli containers and other plastic hot and cold food containers with see through lids for enhanced presentation.

The see through lids make these containers excellent for use when storing prepared foods in a deli case.

Drinking Cups

Choose from an assortment of cups for your office, hospital, school, church, community center, restaurant, or other facility. Fresh Pak has different types of cups available for purchase online including Juice Cup, Plastic Cup, Pepper Cup, Dome lid,  lid cups and Salad Cups that can be used for hot or cold beverages.

All cups are sold in bulk packs at wholesale prices, saving you money on your cup orders and cutting down on the frequency of re-orders.

Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Wrap,Tissue And Toilet Rolls

Plastic cutlery, plastic wrap and dinnerware offers the convenience of disposability for quick and easy cleanup in your food service facility. These plastic utensils are ideal for use in take-out restaurants, cafeterias, break rooms, concession stands and cafeterias.

Fresh Pak has different types of Plastic cutlery  available for purchase online, Spoons, Fork, Fresh Pak Spoons, Fresh Pak Fork, Fresh Pak Knife, Plastic Wrap, Akwaab Tissue, Tissue.


Fresh Pak Ghana gives you perfect tray for food, lab or home and industrial applications designed for the carrying of food. We have various sizes and types of Plastic Tray.

Sales Depot

FreshPak Products Limited was established in the year 2013 as an International Sales and Marketing company
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